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Post  Sasuke Uchiha on Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:32 pm

This is a harder template than Canon since we need to know absolutely everything on your character in order to approve. Here is the template.

Appearance(picture or description or both):
Strength(one to four physical, two to three emotional):
Weaknesses(two to four physical, two to one hundered emotional):
Clan(custom uchihas and rinengan need good bio and rp sample. Bio needs to explain either how they survived or who they're father is.):

Customs have to learn jutsus like everybody else, they must train long and hard. You cannot just gain a jutsu, you must earn it! Bloodline abilities for a custom must be learned from the start. As soon as you ask for your bloodline we will review and then finally grant or deny the priviledge. Customs may start at genin, but if you have a great and large bio you are able to have chunin, missing nin and so and so. Kages are chosen by the admins. ^^
The only kages that are not allowed are Otokage (mine) and Hokage (Naruto's).

For now Konoha is open to all, but when it starts to fill up we recommend that you use other villages as well.
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