A dark night in the city...

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A dark night in the city... Empty A dark night in the city...

Post  Shinji and the nothing on Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:33 pm

There was a foreboding sense of doom laying on every soul here. The clouds held a dark gray, almost black colour as if they were going to unleash the rain anytime now. In fact, a slight mist was now creeping over the city, making ghastly images appear in the alleys and shadows of demons creeping in the sewer pipes. Eerily silent this city was, and why wouldn't it be? It was the epitome of evil no matter how you looked at it. This was where the vampires decided to live....why did they choose this dark, unforgiving land? No creature alive would go near it. But some souls were a little bit on the brave and foolish side. For now though, those brave sides were not present and the land was left for dead.

A flurry of white feathers flashed against the clouds of gray as in a heartbeat a white blaze mingled with the dark, creating a ghostly feel. The white dove, a common signal of peace, flew in the mist that rose towards the heavens with it's blazing white wings. Every small flap was gracefull, every dive elegant and short. The bird was a smooth flyer and seemed to know what it was doing through this rotten weather. Asagi dove again and again to see better, but would not hit the ground. The nobody was visible for once but not yet solid. And in this form she felt free. Free of what I don't know, but she seemed to be singing as she crisscrossed through the clouds looking for a safe landing.

A black raven followed close behind, his movements just as skilled. He wasn't a Nobody, in fact, he was Shinji. Bright blue eyes watched the dove's every move and mimicked it. Their wings would sometimes brush as they moved onwards, out of accident. Shinji wasn't too sure of this land. He felt even more strange here when he heard the sound of something in the distance. Asagi seemed to have heard as well, for she had a look of confusion now. Shinji cawed and both of them went to investigate. The raven and the dove perched on the limb of a tree, watching from a cliff as the explosion ended and they saw a bunch of animals run about as weasles came from everywhere towards one weasle who, upon looking closely, resembled a snake!
Shinji and the nothing
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