Barage of the catfish (team jutsu)

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Barage of the catfish (team jutsu) Empty Barage of the catfish (team jutsu)

Post  Sasuke Uchiha on Mon May 18, 2009 10:06 am

Name: Barage of the catfish
Rank: S-rank team jutsu
How many days of training: Weeks
Elements needed: Fire, electricity, water.
Other people can use it?: Maybe....if you are being trained it by Sasuke or Suigetsu.
What it does: Unleashes devastating weapons that have three elements in them. Each time one lands, the three jutsus come out of the weapon and hit the enemy.

How to start it: This attack begins by two team members making handsigns for two of their basic jutsus (chidori and chakra concentration for example). The second person is making the weapon (shuriken) glow blue with chakra so it may be open to the first person's ability. The first person's attack is asorbed into the shuriken. Next, they switch places and another jutsu may be asorbed (suigetsu's water ability). Last, they place the third jutsu in and then mulitiply the shuriken by thousands before unleashing the elemental shurkien on the enemy. Once a shuriken lands on the enemy, all three jutsus combine to make the enemy be harmed by water, electricity and fire.

I approved.

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