Sasuke Uchiha (is a short bio but It's because I don't have enough time)

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Sasuke Uchiha (is a short bio but It's because I don't have enough time) Empty Sasuke Uchiha (is a short bio but It's because I don't have enough time)

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Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Age: 16
Rank: missing-nin to other villages, but is a secret ANBU of Konoha.
Anbu uniform: Sasuke Uchiha (is a short bio but It's because I don't have enough time) Normal_SasukeAnbu
Regular: Sasuke Uchiha (is a short bio but It's because I don't have enough time) Sasuke
Personality: Is cold on the outside, going mad on the inside.
Jutsu: Fire jutsus, chidori and ect.
Strength: Has superior mind, uses blades and is all around good at ninja stuff.
Weakness: He is emotionally insane, his curse mark takes over and he can be a klutz when left alone. He has mortal weaknesses.
Bio: Sasuke's early childhood, as told over the course of Naruto manga volume twenty-five, was spent living in the shadow of his older brother, a natural prodigy of the Uchiha clan. In an effort to win some recognition for himself, Sasuke trained diligently to win some of his parents' attention, though he was never able to surpass the milestones set in place by his brother, who would be the only one to acknowledge Sasuke's accomplishments.

In time, Itachi began to distance himself from the clan and fell out of his family's confidence, which consequently began to look to Sasuke as the new future for the clan. Soon after Sasuke started to be accepted into his family, he returned home one day to find the streets littered with the corpses of the Uchiha clan. Upon rushing home, Sasuke found Itachi standing over his parents's corpses. As Sasuke tried to flee, Itachi went on to explain that he had never loved his little brother.Claiming that Sasuke was not worth killing, Itachi encouraged him to get stronger by living a life of hate and anger towards him, with his sole purpose being to avenge the clan. Itachi left, and in the absence of a loving family Sasuke agreed to do as instructed, dedicating his life to killing Itachi.Years later, in Part II of the series, Sasuke is shown to have some doubts about the events of that night. It is not until after Itachi's death that he learns the truth surrounding the massacre of the Uchiha: that it was all done on command by the village.

Sasuke tried to destroy leaf with Madara Uchiha, and the other villages decided he was an S-rank missing nin. After battling new hokage Naruto Uzumaki for a long while, and noticing Madara fleeing the village, Sasuke was given a death blow to the head with rasengan. Believed to be dead, the curse mark gave him a small hope. Naruto decided to raise him back to life, noticing the curse mark 'helping' the ressurection. This made it seem suspicious to Naruto, who pretended nothing happened. Sasuke came back and was talked to by Naruto. After two weeks in prison, days being filled up by being spoken to by friends, he was given a choice. To rejoin leaf, or to remain prisoner. Sasuke was about to say no when his mind gave an image of Itachi as an ANBU, and it all came to him. Sasuke agreed and became a leaf ANBU. Now he is a leader of the ANBU, but also a missing-nin to other villages, who never heard that he was assigned ANBU.

Clan: Uchiha

I approved it.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha

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